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Welcome!  Once again, I am redoing things, with a slightly different name.  Currently I only have my 1st and 2nd Generation Rx-7 projects pages entered, but I will be adding much more as the days go by!

Interesting events at the Speed Shop

5-16-200 Well, it is been one year, one month and one day... Suppose I will give a quick update!  Unfortunately, I am RX7-less at the moment, but I am hoping that will change in the near future.  I want to pickup a 89-91 Turbo II in nice shape (complete), but in need of an engine- If you have one you'd like to sell for cheap, let me know.  I want to thank every person that has visited my website... I could not believe that this site averages almost 1000 hits per month!  Also, if any of you would like a custom PC built or have a programming project, I could be of service.  Drop me a line at: .  I am going to add some more stuff to this site in the coming weeks (yeah, I've said that before!), but I really want to this time!  The web site bug is coming on strong again.

4-15-2001  Today I traded in the 1991 Rx-7 for a 1995 Corvette.  If I do not sell my 85 Rx-7 soon, I will keep it and keep this site going.

3-15-2001  Lined and up oil cooler from a 2nd gen Rx-7 for my 85.  I want to get rid of the pathetic present oil cooler mounted under the oil filter.  That will be nice, not to mention eliminate a few small leaks!

3-14-2001  Took the 85 on it's first drive since adding the underdrive pulleys and Holley fuel pump.  I noticed a little quicker acceleration and a much nicer idle.  The Dellorto is now getting plenty of fuel, so my stumbling is also gone.  Cruising at a constant speed is also perfect.  Added more pictures too!

3-13-2001  Repaired copper sealing washer behind crank pulley, which fixed my oil leak.  Also fixed the small hole in my radiator with some metal epoxy.  Also crafted a new oil metering pump rod as a more permanent solution to my temporary fix.

3-11-2001  Installed Holley fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator along with the Rotary Performance underdrive pulleys.  Oil leak developed from pulley (need new copper sealing washer) and radiator started leaking after the fan shroud mount pulled away.  Washed and re-oiled K&N filter for 1st gen.  Found donor LSD with disc brakes from an 83 GSL!

3-10-2001  Purchased Holley "Blue" fuel pump with regulator to replace my junk pump.

3-6-2001  Well, I went to check out the car, fully ready to purchase the beauty, but some one had already beat me to it.  Also, I figured out my drivability problems with the 85 Rx-7; the fuel pump is junk.  Sometimes it will put out full capacity, other times it will just trickle.  Time for a GOOD fuel pump.

3-5-2001  News Flash!!  I may be picking up another 1st generation Rx-7!  It is gunmetal blue, with a perfectly straight body and no rust.  The paint appears to be in spotless condition.  The best part is that the owner only wants $850!!  I will be checking it out on my lunch break to see what it is missing.  I will keep you informed!  On a minor note, it was warm today, so I decided to stretch the legs of the convertible since I have been neglecting it with all the new "toys" on the GS.

3-4-2001 Detailed the engine bay extensively and removed items I no longer want or need.  Check my list of "Removed Components" to see what I have all taken off so far.

3-3-2001  I installed the Racing Beat Header and Presilencer with no problems on the 85!

2-28-2001 Disaster struck.  My carburetor decided to crap out on me after almost 140,000 miles of service, leaving me pretty much stranded while I was finalizing my move from the southern Puget Sound area to northern Puget Sound. Fortunately, I have a Dellorto standing by to take place of the Nikki which was in bad need of a tune up anyway!

2-27-2001  Merry Christmas to me!  Today Santa (a.k.a., the UPS man) brought me my full Racing Beat Exhaust, Dellorto carburetor with single piece Mikuni manifold, Rotary Performance underdrive pulleys and MazdaSpeed emblems!  Wow, what a great day!  See how all the projects are coming!

2-24-2001  Installed Energy Suspension polyurethane bushings in the front of my 85 GS.  I cannot believe how much better the car handles now!!

2-15-2001  Payday.  You know what that means... Time to buy more car parts!  I got all the fluids changed in the 85 Rx-7... Fresh oil, radiator flush and synthetic in the gear box and differential.  I went to a Grease Monkey in Lynnwood, which I plan on returning after their stellar service.  Maybe it's because they don't get a $200 oil change customer in that much :)  Also, got a new fuel filter for the 85 (Fram G-12) along with a few other things like an extra fuel pump in preparation for the Dellorto carb.

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