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Holley Blue Fuel Pump & Regulator
Using the Holley Blue was probably expensive overkill for my application, but I figured I might as well pony up the cash now, rather than being stranded at the track or on the wrong side of Seattle.  Cheap fuel pumps put a bad taste in my mouth, so I decided to stay away.

Due to the lack of light under the car, I won't be able to get any decent install pictures until I get a portable light, which probably would be a good idea for a install picture of the exhaust system.

One interesting thing to note is that I am not running a return line because the Dellorto does not use one.  I am using the fuel pressure regulator just after the fuel filter, which feeds straight into the carburetor.

Below you can see where the regulator is mounted in my engine compartment; just after the fuel filter and just before the inlet to the carburetor.  If you are thinking about using a Holley regulator, or any other regulator with 3/8" NPT fittings, be advised that finding adapters to the Rx-7's factor 5/16" lines are a bit tough.  I ended up using a 3/8" NPT -> 5/16" NPT  adapter, then a 5/16" NPT -> 5/16 hose fitting, which ends up being the same size as a 3/8" NPT -> 5/16" hose fitting, but not nearly as rare to find in those nation part store chains!  I capped the other end of the regulator off.  I have future plans to use that port for a fuel pressure gauge, or perhaps another carb if I ever go to a dual Webber setup!