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Removing Unnecessary Weight
Things I have removed:

*  Vapor recovery system (charcoal canister and associated rubber/ metal lines)
*  Wind shield washer fluid reservoir
*  Subzero starting assist fluid bottle
*  Some fuel delivery components near rear axle to eliminate restrictions feeding the fuel pump
*  Stock crank pulley

You can see a nice vacant space where the vapor recovery canister used to sit, along with the windshield washer fluid reservoir & pump and the subzero starting assist system.

Things I will remove:

*  Emissions control computer and wiring harness ( I am only using the oil pressure, oil level and water temp wires from the engine wiring harness).
*  All remaining solenoids and relays that are no longer needed
*  hatch area plastic, carpet, spare tire, storage bins, sound deadener, interior carpet, door panels (fab some aluminum replacements), radio, speakers, climate control, etc.


When is all said and done, I want to have a 2000 pound car... Maybe even with me in it.  That could be a stretch at this point.  Either I need to learn how to weld so I can remove some metal and add bracing or I need to go on a diet!  Two thousand pounds should be easily attainable though considering the car itself is only 2300, and I have already removed a lot of heavy stuff.  I'll have to get the car on a scale and see how much more I have to go.

I'll post results when I find a local drive-on scale.