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Energy Suspension Polyurethane Bushings
The Energy Suspension polyurethane bushings replace the regular rubber bushings on the sway bar end links.  Mine were pretty much junk.  One day, I was checking out my local B & B auto parts store in their performance section, looking for something cool to put on my car.  I had always wanted to make the leap to poly bushings, but I was never really able to, until now!  These were just a generic set, meant for a 3/8" end link stud.  Unfortunately, the Rx-7 (1st generation) uses an M10, which is of course, just slightly larger than 3/8".  It is possible to make these guys fit, but you must get very creative with all your limbs since all but the first bushing must be installed on the car.  Do yourself a favor and order the correct ones from Mazdatrix.  However, the $9.00 spent on these bushings is well worth the cost of admission.  The car handles totally different, even with old Goodyear's mounted up.  Body roll is almost wiped out, which is GREAT.  I am excited to add more bushings to the rear end links to complete the package.  Also, I need to add some polyurethane sway bar mount bushings, but I am thinking about getting a larger sway bar kit, so I am going to hold off on that for now.

In the picture at right, you can see the new bushings holding the sway bar in place.