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Racing Beat Racing Exhaust

Unfortunately, I do not have any installation pictures except a small glimpse with the Dellorto intake in the view.  As you can see, that nice piece of chrome directly under the intake manifold is the excellent Racing Beat Header.  What you do not see is the mating chrome plated Racing Beat pre silencer which mates to the factory intermediate pipe.  I have not gotten to install the new Power Pulse muffler, again, from Racing Beat (these three items were sold as a package) because the nuts and bolts are now of an odd size so I cannot get the correct size wrench or socket on them without slipping.  As soon as I grind them off, I will post more detailed install pictures.


Installation of the Racing Beat racing exhaust system is quite easy.  First thing I did was remove all the heat shielding from the exhaust manifold and from the cats and rear intermediate pipe for easy access to all nuts and bolts.  Also, I removed the two small air pipes from the cats.  Once those are off (I cannot believe that all of the nuts and bolts came right off without snapping!  Amazing!), I removed the four 14 mm nuts which hold the exhaust manifold to the engine.  Next, I removed the two 17 mm nuts which hold the cat to the rear intermediate pipe.  The last thing that has to come off is a 12mm bolt that attaches to a hanger for the cats on the driver side.  I then returned to the engine compartment where I pulled the exhaust manifold off the the engine's studs, and pulling toward the front of the car to free the main cat from the intermediate pipe.  Once that happened, I simply fed the whole mess backwards to the underside of the car where I pulled it away.

Next comes the obligatory starting of the engine to verify that yes, in fact, the rotary is the loudest thing on the plant when it has no exhaust!  After the momentary deafness wears, I removed the old exhaust manifold gasket and put the new one in it's place (Racing Beat supplies all new gaskets with the kit... No hardware though!).  It is probably a good idea to assemble the header and pre silencer off of the car, otherwise, wedging the pre silencer between the mounted header and intermediate pipe is a little tricky, but can be done (I did).  Once again, when I get a better digital camera, I will take it to a shop that will throw it up on the lift for me so I can take a few pictures of the completed installation.